Log Chew- setting challenges

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Set challenges together as part of Personal Challenge badge.

This log chew could be adapted to do any kind of discussion.


Your own personal challenge
Something to write the challenges on so you don't forget


Play some parachute games for about 5 minutes. At the end of the last game, lift the parachute and step inside it. as it comes back down, grab the edge and sit on it so you are all under the parachute like a big tent.
Discuss why it is important to set yourself challenges that can help you in your life and that can help you be better and healthier. Try to avoid talking about sports, because we don't want 20 beavers saying they all want to be better at football. They need to be fairly simple- for example my challenge is going to be to drink water instead of sugary drinks. Or it could be Beaver-based like always remembering your scarf.
Share your challenge and why you're doing it.
Thinking and reflection time- think about unhealthy things you do or things you always forget.
Go round the circle and ask for each Beaver to state their challenge- make sure you write it down.
Tell the parents and in a few weeks see how they got on.


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