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Introduction to Million Hands project supporting WaterAid.
Show films about WaterAids projects and need for fundraising.


Empty water bottles (1/2 litre ones) one for each Cub
A piece of paper to make a label, felt pens and pencils
Covering letter explaining project to parents


Show some of the WaterAid videos that are in the Million Hands resources. Explain the group is supporting the charity and how we are going to do it!
Each child to take away a bottle and attach their decorated label to it. Put the bottle some where prominent at home so it can be filled with lose change, i.e every time you spend a penny save a penny. Below is example of letter to send out to parents.

What is A Million Hands?
For over a hundred years Cub Scouts have promised to help other people. A Million Hands is about mobilising half a million Scouts to support four big social issues chosen by young people.
At 9th Cub Pack Somewhere we will be supporting WaterAid and Toilet Twinning for 2016
Ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to clean water and sanitation.
Every child will be given a bottle of water, when it is empty they will have made a label at Cubs which needs to be attached to the bottle. Over the next 10 weeks drop your lose change into the bottle, every time you spend a penny! Your child should be volunteering to help with jobs at home, for family and friends if they deserve it please drop some pennies in the bottle!
Our minimum aim is to twin one of our toilets (£60.00) and be able to pay for a rainwater harvesting jar (£60.00) that equals £4.00/cub.
This is part of a Million Hands Project, their World challenge badge, Global Issues activity badge and Community Impact badge.
Please support your child with this very worthwhile project. Thank you.


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  • Wateraid

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