Pegging out the washing

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Active game to use for showing some of the things Beavers can do to help their mums on Mothers day


2 Clothes peg per child,2 socks per child, rope/clothes line, 2 chairs or 2 young leaders to hold rope! 1 sweatshirt per team, selection of small items or toys and 1 basket or box per team.


Divide children into teams, sat one behind the other.
Each child runs to the first base and has to fold a sweatshirt and place it on a chair. (putting their clothes away)
Run to the next base and pick up a selection of small items and place them in a basket or box. (Putting their toys away)
Run to the next base and take a pair of socks and peg them to the washing line which you have set up between two chairs. (pegging out the washing)
Run back to the start and tag the next Beaver.

Great to use for Mothers day theme as jobs mum does!


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