The Beaver Family Story Game

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A story is read. Beavers run when their character's name is mentioned.




Sit Beavers in a circle. Give each beaver a name from the story - Mummy beaver, Bobby Beaver, Ben Beaver, Grandpa Beaver, Grandma Beaver, Daddy Beaver, and the remainder beavers are "the whole beaver family". When the beavers hears their "name called out whilst a leader is reading the story, they get up and run around the outside of the circle back to their place and sit down. When the "whole beaver family" is mentioned, all the beavers get up and run around the circle and sit down.

The Beaver family story.
One day, MUMMY BEAVER was going shopping to buy some apples for BOBBY BEAVER and BEN BEAVER. When she reached the end of the road she met GRANDPA BEAVER who had been to the post office to buy some stamps so that GRANDMA BEAVER could post a birthday card to DADDY BEAVER.
After MUMMY BEAVER and GRANDPA BEAVER had finished chatting they went on their way, GRANDPA BEAVER walked home to take the stamps to GRANDMA BEAVER for DADDY BEAVERS card and MUMMY BEAVER continued walking to the shops for some apples for BOBBY BEAVER and BEN BEAVER.
At the shops there were some lovely juicy red apples which were just the sort that BOBBY BEAVER and BEN BEAVER loved. So she bought them two each. She also bought some crisp green pears for GRANDMA BEAVER, some big juicy oranges for GRANDPA BEAVER and some bananas for DADDY BEAVER.
She walked very quickly home with the apples for BOBBY BEAVER and BEN BEAVER, the pears for GRANDMA BEAVER, the oranges for GRANDPA BEAVER and the lovely yellow bananas for DADDY BEAVER. As she walked she thought to herself "what a lovely tea I can make for everyone". But when she got home she found that the WHOLE BEAVER FAMILY had made tea for her.


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