Shere Khan Hiding

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Shere Khan was the feared enemy of the Jungle. This game shows how he stalks his prey.


Toy animal or other suitable object.


the Pack should stand in a circle pretending to be trees around a clearing. Use an object such as a toy animal or a tin of sweets to put in the chete as 'Game'. One Cub is chosen to be a young wolf who is hunting, and they go out of the room. Another Cub in the circle is then chosen to be Shere Khan, and hides amongst the trees. The young wolf then returns to the clearing, enters cautiously, watching for Shere Khan, tries to grab the 'Game' and escape. Shere Khan must not give himself away too soon, and the young worlf must go out of the clearing through the same two trees as he entered.
Taken from TSA's The Cub Scout Jungle book Activity Kit 1990.


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  • Shere Khan

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