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8. Discuss how we can show good teamwork. Show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise(Taffey the Thief Jigsaw) (Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 3)


 Copies of enclosed template one per six


This jigsaw will help the brownies understand the positives of co-operation, patience and teamwork. It is a team building activity

Copy the enclosed template onto card
Cut up the pieces one per six
Give each six a copy of the correct version
“Taffy was a bad man, Taffy was a thief
Taffy came to my house, and stole a bit of beef
I went to Taffy’s house, Taffy wasn’t in
I jumped on his Sunday hat, and poked it with a pin”!

This is quite difficult due to the font used and will require patience and cooperation from the girls

Activities bring brownies together and actives in the smaller six groups can help the brownies to open up, forget shyness and improve their communication skills. The quieter brownie may be good at jigsaws thus allowing her an opportunity to shine

Women’s way 1999


  • compromise
  • IGG
  • sharing
  • sharing, taking turns and compromise
  • Taking turns
  • team building

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