IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 06

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Help out at a Tidy Town or environmental project (Shrinking Island Game )


 Newspapers
 Skipping Ropes


The Brownies will learn about the importance of habitats and how a decrease in habitats,can lead to limited resources like food, water, and shelter which are needed to sustain both wildlife and humans in that community.
Instructions Shrinking Island Game
1. Place sheets of newspapers around the room to create “islands”. You can also create islands by forming skipping ropes into circles on the ground. Try to create one island per Brownie.
2. The Brownies are going to represent animals that live on different islands.
3. When the music plays, the Brownies have to pretend to look for food and water – away from their islands. They will continue to do this as long as the music is playing.
4. When the music stops, the Brownies have to quickly find safety and shelter on the island. This is to represent the animals seeking safety from their predators or harsh weather conditions.
5. Everyone must get on an island. If there are no islands available, then the Brownies must make room for other Brownies to share. If any of a Brownies body part is outside the island, then she has “not survived”. Encourage the Brownies to help each stay alive and fit on an island.
6. As the game continues, an island is removed during each round. This is to represent urbanization (e.g. cities) and human developments, where humans have taken over wildlife habitats. The game ends when there are only one or two islands left and all the girls are forced to squish together so that everyone fits. Stop the game when it is no longer possible to fit everyone on the remaining islands.

Debrief/DiscussionBrainstorm with the Brownies and come up with ways in which a habitat can be changed. Explain that both natural disasters (e.g. flooding, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, forest fires, and storms) and human activities (e.g. road construction, building of new homes and golf courses, expansion of farmland, deforestation, and pollution) have negative impacts on the environment.


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  • North West Regional Conference 2016
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