IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 46

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46. Help organise and carry out part of a World Thinking Day ceremony (World Thinking Day Card)


 White A4 Card
 Scissors
 Colours
 Colour copy of Thinking Day symbol (Overleaf)
 Two sided tape


The Thinking Day symbol was introduced in 1975. The World Trefoil in the centre of the design represents the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The arrows pointing towards the Trefoil represent action and give direction for that action. The arrows may also represent ways and means in which the World Association can be helped by all its members.
The round shape of the design can be interpreted as the world-wide aspect of our Movement.
The symbol can be reproduced in black/white or colour (you may choose your own colour scheme).
Make a Thinking Day Card
Method 1:
Mark the middle of the A4 card, photocopy or stick the Thinking Day Symbol* onto the centre of the card. Colour in the symbol. Cut around the top half of the symbol only so that when the card is folded over the Thinking Day symbol stands up
Method 2
Fold A4 Card in half. Cut out World Thinking Day Symbol overleaf and colour. Find centre of symbol and stick lower half onto the card (per diagram above)
Write your special Thinking Day message on the inside /use it as an invitation card to your Thinking Day Ceremony

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  • 22nd Feb
  • Branch Weekend 2016 Brownies
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