IGG INTEREST BADGE: Ladybird Bird Watcher Option 02

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2. Recognise Garden Birds( Matching Game)


Two copies of the Master sheet of birds to cut out and laminate.


This game can be played at the beginning of a meeting in small groups to help the Ladybirds learn the names of garden birds.
Cut out and laminate 2 pictures of each bird.
Divide the girls into groups of 4 or 5.
Put the pictures face down on the table randomly and each girl takes turns in picking two cards and they have to match up the birds. If they don’t get a match they replace the pictures remembering where they are and the next girl has a go. The game continues until each of the pictures have been matched.

After the game, have a discussion about birds and encourage the girls to share with the group what they know about birds. Maybe a Ladybird has a pet bird they could bring to Ladybirds.



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