Phone a Friend (Game)

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Showing the Beavers how to make a phone call, and proper phone etiquette, in a Fun Way!


A List of 5 digit numbers (enough for each Beaver) and a list of these numbers split evenly into 'Callers 1' and 'Callers 2' (or colour coded) - See Attached!


1, Give each Beaver an individual number - 5 digits long 'random' numbers (see attached)
2, Split the Group into two smaller groups - one the 'Callers' the other the 'Receivers'
3, Give the 'Callers' the list of numbers - Note they are just numbers... No Names (stops the callers just calling their main friends, mixes things up!)
4, In turn the 'Callers' read out a number - The 'Receiver' answers the 'Call'
5, Follow the conversation:

a, Receiver: “Hello ********* Speaking!”
b, Caller: “Hello It’s me! *********!, How are you?”
c, Receiver: “I’m fine! Had a fun weekend! We did **********”
d, Caller: “Wow!, That sounded awesome! I’ve got to go!”
e, Receiver: “Okay! Have a good evening! Goodbye!”
f, Caller: “Goodbye!”

6, Move onto the next caller!
7, Once all the Callers have made a 'Call' swap the 'Callers' and 'Receivers' so they all get a go!


  • communication skills

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