Name Game

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Way to learn other peoples names




The participants sit or stand in a circle. The leader says, "We are having a party, and everyone has to bring something for the party that begins with the same first letter as their name. My name is JANINE, and I am bringing a bag of JELLYBEANS." The person to the leader’s right says his name and item, and then repeats the leader’s name and item: "My name is ERIK, I am going to bring EGG SALAD. This is JANINE, who is bringing JELLYBEANS." Each person in turn introduces himself, announces their item, and repeats the name and item of everyone who preceded them. This means that the last person has to remember everyone in the group, or at least try. The leader should encourage others to help out when participants get stuck on someone’s name or item, with verbal or pantomimed clues.


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