Alligator Swamp

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You have arrived at a swamp which is infested with alligators within the swamp is a number of small islands created by large tuffs of grass. On the ground beside the swamp is a short plank which originally belonged to the bridge that crossed the swamp. The problem to get your Patrol to safety. You can only stand on the tuffs of grass and cross between them by means of the plank. you cannot jump between the tuffs.


Plank of wood or school bench
Tyres / boxes


The plank will not reach to every tuff therefore there is a correct route through the swamp. The swamp has one entry point and one exit point. The problem for the Patrol is how it is going to get the whole Patrol to safety. In order to do that the whole Patrol must be taken along as they go, resulting in at least four people on each tuff and this can result in some great fun. However, it should be pointed out to the patrol that feeding time in the swamp is in 15 minutes and alligators can jump up onto the tuffs. The plank should be about eight foot long.


  • Problem solving
  • skills challenge

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