IGG INTEREST BADGE: Ladybird Bird Watcher Option 01

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1. Make a simple bird feeder (Bagel Feeder)


Peanut butter
Bird seed
Plastic bag


The girls will learn how to make a simple bird feeder.
Set up several tables in the hall and on each table have all of the ingredients listed.
Divide the girls into groups of 4 to 5 and each group goes to a table. The leader can demonstrate what they will do and each girl takes it in turn to put peanut butter on the bagel with a knife and press the bagel onto a plate with bird seed. The string is tied around the bagel through the hole and this can be tied onto a branch to feed the birds. The bagel can be put into the plastic bag to keep it safe until they return home.
The leaders can chat with the Ladybirds while they are making the bird feeder about how they can encourage birds into their garden. It is important to tell the Ladybirds to put water out for the birds as well as seeds. Advise the Ladybirds that when they hang their bird feeder in the garden they should make sure that cats or other predators will not eat it



  • Bagel Feeder
  • bird feeder
  • Nature
  • working together
  • Working together, environment,nature)

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