IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 01

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Plant something, take it home and watch it grow (Nasturtiums seeds)


 Nasturtiums seeds
 Newspapers
 Soil
 Plastic bottles or tin cans
 Elastic bands
 Sticky tape


Nasturtiums are perfect to grow with children because they grow so easily and rapidly. They will grow them in pots made of newspaper which can be planted directly into the ground.

Take a single sheet of newspaper and fold until its approx. 6/7 inches deep. Wrap the paper around the bottle or tin with around 1.5/2 inches over the base of bottle/tin. Hold in place with an elastic band.
Fold in the ends of the paper to make the base of the pot. This can be held in place with cellotape.
Gently remove from the bottle and fill to approx 1 inch from the top with soil. The soil will help the pot to stay in shape and create a stable base. Make small hole in the soil and plant the seeds.

Explain to the girls that those little seeds will turn into beautiful flowers. They need very little care except a little water. 2 dessert spoons of water should be added to the soil every day. The 1st signs of growth can be seen within a few days. When the plant is around 12 inches tall, it can be planted outside. The paper pot can be planted directly into the ground.

Ask the girls observe on how much the plant grows in 2 or 3 weeks. With nasturtiums this is easily done by counting leaves as well as measuring height.


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