IGG GROW: Compulsory Challenge 05

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5. Learn what and When World Thinking Day is (Thinking Day Story - Friendship bracelet)


 Copy of the World Thinking Day Story (Overleaf) and instructions.
 Colourful Straws
 Pipe Cleaners
 Beads


Ladybirds will understand who Lord and Lady Baden Powell are and why we celebrate World Thinking Day.

Give the girls instructions on what to do when a certain word is spoken. This can also be played as a game at the beginning of the evening.

Explain to the girls that you are going to read a story and that when they hear those words, they must complete that action. The girls should work in pairs for this activity.

A leader then reads the story, being careful to pause after the action words to allow the girls to complete the actions.

Make a friendship bracelet by cutting colourful straws into pieces, approx. 0.5 inches and threading them onto pipe cleaners. You can add beads between the straws if wished. The bracelet can be used as swaps to send to another unit or swap between girls in the unit.

Explain to the girls that all around the world, girl guides and girls scouts celebrate World Thinking Day. Use this time to discuss what you are doing and why you are doing it, whether it is raising money for the Thinking Day funds, exchanging gifts with another unit or having a party to celebrate .



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