IGG Fly: Compulsory Callenges 10

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10. Take part in activities that explore your 5 senses ( 5 Senses Stations)


 Pictures of eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands
 Small picture cards of various items ( see attached files)
 Prepared items for each of the 5 Senses stations.
 A chart for each girl where they can write their answers.


Your 5 senses, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching help you to explore the world around you.

Print large pictures representing the senses and stick them to the wall or floor at one end of the room. Have lots of small pictures or cards associated with each of the senses at the other end of the room. Divide the girls into teams. In turns each girl must take a small picture and place on corresponding sense, eg an apple would represent taste.

Set up 5 stations and divide the girls into smaller groups. Allow each group time at each station to explore each of their senses. This works best with a leader or Senior Branch leading each station.

Seeing Station
Look at the pictures in the 1st column. Then look at 2nd column. Are they the same? If not, what is different?

Hearing station
Fill containers with various items, eg a marble, water, sand, rice. Shake each container. Can you guess what the item is? If possible use a plastic and glass container with a marble or rice etc. Do they sound different?

Smell Station
Have 4 or 5 various containers with different smells? Can they guess what each smell is? Does the smell remind you of anything?

Taste Station
Have 3 samples to taste, bitter, salty, sweet. Do they recognise the tastes?

Touch Station
Fill individual socks with items and let girls take turns to guess what is in each socks.


  • 5 Senses, smell, taste, see, hear, touch
  • five senses
  • Hearing
  • seeing
  • smell
  • taste
  • touch

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