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4. Take part in a ball game (Generations Ball Games)


 Tennis ball
 List of Rules
 See Overleaf


The object of the game is to bounce the ball against the wall a set number of times while performing a skill in between bounces.
The game requires both concentration and patience.

Explain to the girls that these are games that would have been played by children a good few years ago. Their grandparents and great grand parents would have played them and some parents too. They could be played by groups, where everyone took turns or they could be played by individuals.
The Rules
1.Always start at Sevens and work through to Ones
2. If you drop the ball or don't do the actions the right way it's the next person's turn
3. When it's your turn again, start from where you were up to, e.g. if you dropped the ball when you were doing Sixes then you have to start doing Sixes all over again
4. When you finish Ones you can start again at Sevens, but this time you're not allowed to move around to catch the ball. This is called 'Stills'. After “Stills”, you can move and use only left hand etc.



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