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IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 27

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27. Make a “keep fit” paper finger game and challenge a friend (Keep Fit - Cootie Catcher)


 Square of paper 8 ¼ inch x 8 ¼ for each Brownie.
 Crayons
 Pen
 List of exercises to help with spelling


Keeping fit is important to our health and can be done in a fun way.

Give each Brownie a square of paper.
Follow the instructions attached. (See attached file instructions)
Once made, the Brownies then colour the top four shares any colour they choose.
Turn over and number the triangular sections 1-8
Turn back each of these triangular sections and write a different exercise on the underside of each number.
Now you can use your ‘exercise challenger’
Brownies pair off and challenge each other.
They change partner after each set.
Leader decides how many times Brownies will repeat the challenge.

Ask Brownies what different types of activities they do and
Discuss the importance of being fit as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Www.skcin.org -Cootie catcher


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