IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 22

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22.Learn about your 5 senses (smell,touch, sight, hearing, taste)(All Senses)


 Clear containers or ones that can be opened about 2 per six (labelled/numbered)
 A piece of paper per six
 Similar items to put into the containers
 Ideas: Flour, cornflour, custard powder, icing sugar, salt, castor sugar, vanilla sugar, brown sugar, coffee, hot chocolate, gravy powder


IntroductionWe rely on our five senses to provide information about the world around us.This activity shows that we often need more than one sense to solve a particular problem

This can be done in stations, as a running game or in the six corner. The six is given some similar closed containers, can they identify what is inside from sight alone, they can shake the container does hearing help, they may open the container, can they identify it using sight and smell and hearing, they can touch the item and they can taste it (dip their fingers in or use sticks/spoons to allow a taste (ensure the taste is small). The six write down what they think the item was.

What sense helped the most? Were they able to identify all items even with all their senses? Explain how important the senses are when working together and even then the need to be careful and ask for assistance as it is possible to make mistakes.


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