IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 37

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Identify some dangers around the home Explain why you think they may be dangerous and how to make the room safer( Appliance Search & Safety in the Home)


 Pictures of household items found in “Argos” style book.
 Four sets required
 Card to mount pictures onto
 See list overleaf


This activity should make the Brownies more safety conscious at home

Place pictures of the household items in the centre of the hall.
Have the Brownies work in their Sixes.
Tell the Sixer how many items are required to make up the set.
On the word “Go” the Six take it in turn to run to the centre and collect a card. If the Six already have this item the Brownie must return the items and collect another.
When the full set of card have been collected a Leader should join each Six and discuss what the items are used for and how to use them safely.

Additional Activity:
Each Leader divides the Six into pairs. Give each pair takes one item and ask them to make up a short sketch on how to use it safely in the home.

Debrief: Bring the whole Pack into Pow Wow and encourage each pair to perform their sketch. This will reinforce the Safety in the Home message.


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