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There are so many scouts who have been to space because of our sense of adventure and exploration matched with our survival skills.
This activity is to develop a structured team to complete the mission requirements


none needed, but will benefit from;
'mission' specific puzzle; I used small balls in a crate, and a bucket;
areas for space, spaceship, airlock and exit,
mission control, mission commander, control subteams eg health, safety, mission specific, spacecraft guidance


'astronaut selection' may lead to identifying prospective astronauts.
other techniques could be used for other team members.

the astronauts: follow instructions on the radio from mission controller, they are unable to make more than basic decisions themselves even if in danger!

Capcom (capsule communication): passes messages between astronauts, and mission controller/subteams

(optional)mission controller advises capcom and communicates with subteams.

sub teams concentrate on their activity, eg health team, checks if the astronaut is hot , asks them to check their pulse etc
safety team monitors whether there are any risks to the equipment or astronaut asks is suit intact have there been impacts,
mission specific team directs the order and speed of movement to alter mission puzzle.

sub teams only able to communicate with mission controller leaving only capcom passing messages up and down.
after the selected astronauts are used up they could follow NASA in having ex astronauts as capcom

can be made more complex or simpler for different groups
even using walkie talkies/space suits ?tent as space ship etc

probably needs a narrator/story coordinator supervising


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