Make a Pi

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Patrols learn about the parts of a computer by putting together a Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi computer (including peripherals) per patrol:
- Pi (ideally including a case)
- Pi (USB) power supply
- SD or Micro SD card (depending on the model of Pi)
- Keyboard (USB)
- Mouse (USB)
- Monitor (HDMI)
- (optional) WiFi dongle (USB), or Ethernet cable

Internet access (optional)


Seat the patrols around their own tables, each needs:
- a couple of mains socket available
- information about which parts of a Pi do what (the attached document explains this, but you could also have the scouts search the internet to find out)

Patrols need to put together a Raspberry Pi computer and peripherals.
They can send a member to either get a part of the system or to ask for help.
They must describe the part they want by its function in order to receive it.
Due to their size, weight and value you should ensure that an older scout or leader is given the monitors, or alternatively put out the monitors ahead of time and just have them need to collect the power supply/cable.

First patrol to have a specific web-page showing is the winner.
If you don't have internet access then instead have them type a message into a text editor and show it on the screen.


  • computer parts
  • raspberry pi

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