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An activity sheet involving decoding and skills to find out which nickname Baden Powell was proudest of.


Tracing paper


This one might be a bit difficult for the younger Beavers...I've tried it on my nearly 7 year old and he got it. This is all about BP's nicknames but stressing on 'Impeesa' which I'd like to use in my colony as a secret Beaver Password (maybe with the sign for Beaver?). It has 2 sheets, the activity and then some history. There's a word search which I would do after the code breaking. There's an element of skill in the tracing maybe? The lodge leaders/older Beavers may need to do this and then share the tracing with the lodge or work in pairs? My son is nearly 7 and I helped him with the tracing but perhaps that was his lazyness and my excitability to check I'd got my dots lined up correctly! I've numbered the dots so they find the letters in the right order to spell the word... If you find any 'extra' words in the word search please let me know!


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