IGG Brownie Journey Wide Game

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Detect, Investigate and Explore Guiding Challenges Wide Game


All of the activities are available on OGM under the Journey headings


Base 1: Detect Guiding 1- Take part in games or activities to help you remember your Guide Promise and Law.
• Promise and Law Game – Jigsaw
• Craft – Law Owl

Base 2: Detect Guiding 2 – Take part in games or activities to get to know each other better and explore our similarities and differences.
• Activities for Similarities see page 33

Base 3: Investigate Guiding 1 –Take part in an indoor/outdoor camp fire
• Edible Fire

Base 4: Investigate Guiding 2 Take a turn leading the Brownie Guide pow wow call and drum beat.
• Drums for Pow Wow

Base 5: Explore Guiding 1 – Find out about Guides – what uniform they wear, what age they are and where they meet
• Dress the Guide
• Colour her and her uniform and answer the questions

Base 6: Explore Guiding 2 – Find out about WAGGGS stands for, how many countries are members and colour the WAGGGS World Flag
• WAGGGS Word search and Flag beetle drive page 71


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