IGG Senior Branch COMMUNITY ADVENTURE Choice Challenge 25

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25. Take part in a Unit activity that will improve your team skills


 Tennis Balls (approx. 4)
 Can also use soft toys, balls of newspaper or anything that can easily be thrown and caught!


We’ve all played icebreakers at some point in a Guiding event! But as well as introducing strangers, they can also be great ways to bring a group together to start a task and to build teamwork.

Try using an icebreaker activity at the start of each meeting to get the group focused. It could be a rolling task that each girl has to come up with an activity every week.

This one activity would not be enough to satisfy the challenge, but done every week for a term it would be perfect.


One person holds all the balls. She reminds the group to try and remember who they threw the ball to/caught the ball from before they start.

She starts by calling someone’s name and throwing the ball to them. They in turn call someone else and throw the ball. Continue until everyone has caught it once and throw it back to the first person.

Now repeat, and try to remember the order. Remind the group to call each person’s name before throwing.

As the ball gets a few steps ahead introduce a second ball. Later you can continue to introduce more balls. I’ve does this effectively with 4, it gets a little crazy with more – but with a big enough group I’m sure it could be a fun challenge!


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