IGG Senior Branch GUIDING CHALLENGE Choice Challenge 03

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3 Using a map of IGG divided into Regions, know where 5 major Guiding landmarks are.


 Map of IGG Regions
 Map of IGG Cottages
 List of other key locations
 Paper
 Markers
 Stickers (optional



This activity helps girls to think beyond their meeting hall and learn more about IGG.


Introduce the IGG map and discuss what Region your Unit is in. Some girls may have attended Regional events and can tell others about them.

In pairs or small groups brainstorm what kind of “major Guiding landmarks” might be considered. Come back together as a group and share ideas.

Try to mark all the ideas on the map, using stickers, or writing with markers.


This activity might be a way to encourage girls to visit their local cottage, consider their role at the next international camp, or simply visit their nearest Distribution Centre to get their Senior Branch uniform.


Maps available on IGG website


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  • Regions
  • senior Branch

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