Skills Challenge (Physical Activity Tracker)

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This activity completes the Skills Challenge Badge, physical activity section which requires the scouts to participate in physical activities over a 6 week period, record their progress and show improvement.


Excel templates attached can be printed an supplied to each Scout or emailed home.


On week 1 Scouts are given a brief on the requirements and a copy of the Fitness Log Book and Progress Tracker. Scouts are expected to select their own activities and complete the badge outside of Scouts time, however some support and encouragement may be needed. During weeks 2-5 a few minutes of each Scout meeting should be dedicated to checking progress (this is good role for the Patrol Leaders). On Week 6 logbooks and trackers are handed in for assessment and the badge section can be signed off.


  • Do your best
  • exercise
  • fitness Challenge
  • Health and Fitness
  • keep fit
  • personal challenge
  • Physical Challenge
  • skills challenge

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