Popup tent packing

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Teams of scouts compete to pack a popup tent in the fastest time. An easy team building and leadership exercise


Popup tents (1 per team or run it in heats)


Each team is given an erected popup up tent and it's bag. Being timed they have to get it back in the bag and the bag zipped up in the fastest possible time.
If you don't have enough tents for each patrol it's worth giving them all a practice first or the subsequent heats will have the advantage of having watched the first teams do it.
This is a good team building exercise. You always get teams who work well with a single leader as well as headless teams who take twice as long and end up with a still erected tent after 10 minutes of squashing.


  • camp planning
  • camp preparation
  • leadership
  • team building
  • tent pitching
  • tent striking

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