IGG VOYAGE Compulsory Challenge GUIDING: A

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In your own words rewrite the ten Guide laws and present them to your Unit (Ten Guide Law Song)


Printed copies of the Guide Law for each group
Markers/ Coloured Pencils
Copies of the “Ten Guide Laws” song


The Guides will rewrite the Guide laws and present them to their unit.

Give each Guide a copy of the “Ten Guide Laws” song
Learn to sing this song.

The song, will give the Guides a better understanding of how to complete the challenge.

Divide the guides into groups/Patrols.
Have each Guide use her “My Guide Travel Folder” to find The Guide Law (page6)

Ask the Guides to rewrite the Laws in their own words- this could be in the form of a poem, song rap, etc.

Debrief/Discussion Each Group/Patrol will present their rewritten Laws to the Unit at Campfire

Acknowledgement/Sources The song was written by a South African Guider in 1925, who sadly passed away in 2002.
It is sung to the tune of “Nick, knack, paddy wack give your dog a bone


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