IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 02

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2. Take part in a game which shows team work ( All Abroad Teamwork)


4 sheets / tarpaulins


To teach the Ladybirds the importance of team work to complete a game. This game is called ‘All Aboard’.

1. Divide the ladybirds into 4 groups of 6 (depending on unit size) including older and younger girls in each group.
2. Lay out the sheet in front of each group
3. Ask the group to try to fit onto the sheet
4. When the group succeeds, decrease the area by folding the sheet(in half or one edge at a time)and challenge the group again
5. Keep folding until it is no longer possible for everyone to fit on the sheet

Alternatively the whole unit can be challenged to fit onto one large sheet that gets gradually smaller until it is no longer possible


How important was it for each girl to think about the other Ladybirds in their team as the space got smaller?


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