IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 06

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6. Play games to identify ways of reducing energy and water use in the home ( Energy in the Home Green and Blue stickers)


 Work sheet for each Ladybird
 Two colours of small stickers (Green and Blue) approx. 10 of each per Ladybird
 Pencils/Markers/Crayons


Ladybirds will understand how to save energy in the home.

1. On the worksheet handed out to each Ladybird they place a green sticker in every room where we use electricity and a blue sticker in every room where we use water – if there are no stickers available use two different colour markers to draw a dot in each room

2. Leader then calls out each room in turn and the group discusses what electricity and water is used for in that room and asks for suggestions on how we can save energy


Suggestions on saving energy at home:
• Taking shower instead of a bath
• Switching off lights when you do not need them
• Using energy saver bulbs
• Switching off the television, radio or computer when you are not using them
• Closing the curtains in the evening to keep in the heat
• Only boiling the water you need when boiling the kettle
• Waiting until the washing machine/ dishwasher is full before you turn them on
• Drying your clothes on the clothes line instead of in the tumble dryer
• Turning off tap when brushing teeth
• Recycling


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