Connect with Friendship 2

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Connect with aerodynamics - part of WAGGGS world Thinking Day 2016 badge
Aim: Identify personal characteristics of my group members




Group gets into pairs, each pair should have a few pieces of paper and pens, and use a large area.
Keep distance between groups.

• In your pairs make an aerodynamic paper airplane that will be able to fly the farthest in a contest.

• After constructing the airplane, write any characteristics that best describe you on the one wing of the airplane and your pair on the other side.

• Gather all the airplanes in a container (pillow case or similar) and then pick randomly one airplane.

• Conduct a flying contest to see which plane can go the farthest.

• The plane that went the longest distance will be the first one for the rest of the group to try and guess; the aim is to guess which plane belongs to which pair based on the characteristics written on the two sides of the plane.

• After everyone guesses which airplane is which, the correct answers are revealed. Repeat with all planes according to distance, with the closest plane guessed last.

Discuss: How close/correct were your guesses?



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