IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 23

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23. Make a secret code and get another Brownie Guide to crack it (Secret Message)


 Pictures for Secret Message
 Copies of clues per pair
 Master copy for Leaders including answers
 Pencils


Brownies must try to crack a code.


Find the Secret Message
This activity will help the Brownies understand that there are different ways to make a secret code. (See page 140 Journey Planner)
This is also a good activity to use on a Pack Holiday

Decide on a short message to make.
Example: Feed the Birds in winter.

Make a list of question for each letter in the message.
Find a picture to represent this letter.
Sample question:
1. This Brownie six emblem has wings = Fairy (Picture of Emblem)
2. The country where Brownies started = England (Map of England)

See suggested question and answers overleaf

To Play
• Place cards with the 20 answers to the message around the room (Don’t number these cards)
• Give each pair a question sheet. Starting at a different number on sheet.
• Find the answers. Write the first letter of answer beside the correct number on their sheet.


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