IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie World Guiding Option 4

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No 4.Learn about Brownies from two other countries, what they are called,what Promise they make and what their Promise badge is. Find their country on a map


A set of each of the following per Six
 Pictures of Uniforms (See overleaf)
 Map of the World
 WAGGGS World Map ( See attachedPDF file part 2)
 Promise Cards ( See Attached PDFfile part 3


Aim of Badge
To learn about Brownies around the world

This Badge has 6 options of which 6 must be completed

Give each Six a map of the world, pictures of uniforms and information card.
1. Using the information try and identify the country each of the pictures represent. ( Leaders may need to help with this)
2. Compare their Promise and Law and Promise pin with ours
3. Learn what the Brownies are called is each country
4. Locate the country on a map
5. Learn which region of WAGGGS they belong to and find it on the WAGGGS world map
Answers for Leaders:
1 Western Hemisphere (Venezuela)
2 Europe (Turkey)
3 Africa (Tanzania)
4 Europe (Slovenia)
5 Asia- Pacific (Sri Lanka)
6 Africa (Ghana)
7 Arab (Syria)
8 Asia – Pacific (Philippines)
9 Arab (Oman)
10 Western Hemisphere (Grenada)
11 Europe (United Kingdom)
12 Western Hemisphere (Canada)

(Hint for Leaders information cards are coloured coded as close as possible to the WAGGGS regions colours. In some countries all Branches wear the same Uniform)
Guiding UK
Girl Guides of Canada


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