Banged Up Benny

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Split in groups of 4 to 6 scouts.
One scout is Benny, he's all banged up from some terrible accident; the rest are rescuers.


Folded up paper towels to use as sterile pads.
List of wounds on paper for each group.


Scouts line up single file with Benny out in front of them 10-30 feet. Have first aid materials beside each Benny.

On the leader's go signal, the first rescuer sees Benny, runs to him, and asks what is wrong. Possible injuries are: scalp wound (head bandage), thigh cut (pressure wrap), sprained ankle, broken arm (sling), hand or wrist cut (pressure pad).
Rescuer applies his neckerchief and sterile pads as required where indicated.
When complete, he asks Benny if there's anything else wrong. If Benny says "Yes", the rescuer calls for help.
The next rescuer takes a turn helping Benny and then asks if there is more.
When Benny says "broken legs", the scout needs to get help and two scouts carry him back in a four-hand seat carry with the other scouts spotting.

This is used for serious practice in a fun way and there should be no time limit - try to have the scouts make good application of the dressings.


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