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Thinking Day 2016 Information


Read out the statements one at a time.
• After each statement has been read, the teams should discuss if they think it is true or
false and stand in either a capital T (for True) formation or a capital F (for False) formation.
Alternatively you can do the formation of the first letters for the words ‘True’ and ‘False’ in
your own language.
• Then reveal which team were right and give extra information below if statement was false.

• Africa is a country (False: Africa is a continent )

• ‘African’ is a language (False: There are in fact over 2000 languages spoken across Africa)

• The Africa Region is composed of just under 1 million girls and young women in 31 countries (True)

• In 2010, at the Africa Regional Conference it was unanimously agreed that the Africa Committee would explore opportunities to deliver World Centre experiences in Africa. (True)

• The Fifth World Centre is in a specific location like the other World Centres (False: The Fifth World Centre is a project exploring how WAGGGS can bring a World Centre experience
using existing facilities in Africa. The ‘centre’ has no fixed site but changes location at every event, bringing international experiences for girls and young women in different countries
in Africa.)

• To date there had been Fifth World Centre events held in Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and Benin (True)

• WAGGGS Africa Region targets to reach out to 2 million girls and young women by 2020 (True)



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