IGG Explore: Outdoors 4 Identify and describe at least 5 garden and 5 wild flowers

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Identify and describe at least five garden and five wild flowers


Lollipop sticks (green – stain
with food colouring) min of
5 per Brownie.
 Print out of silhouettes on
following pages – either on
coloured card or white card.
 Green/Terracotta card/craft
 Marker pen
 Colouring pens/pencils
 Scissors
 Glue Sticks & hot glue gun


Day before meeting stain the lollipop sticks in green food colouring if
to make stems – unless you can buy green ones!
Print off the flower heads – the rectangle the flowers are in are the
shape/size of the flower pot.
Either print on appropriate coloured card for the Brownies to cut out
or print on plain white card for the Brownies to colour in and cut out.
It may be easier, depending on the ability of girls, to cut out the flower
heads before the meeting.
Write the name of the flower on the stick.
If required leaves can also be cut out and attached.
Cut out foam flower pot, glue the lollipop sticks (stems) along the long
edge, then hot glue gun the flower pot into a ring (pot).
Brownies colour in and cut out the flower head.
They then stick the flower head onto lollipop stick – stem – with a
Glue Stick


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