Pancake Badges

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Cubs to cut design of one of the Cub Badges out of a Pancake


Pancakes (Ready made or made on the night by the Cubs
Images of the Cub Badges
Plastic Knives


Get all the Cubs to wash their hands be they start and ask them why

Each Cub either makes their own Pancake or is given a pre-made Pancake and a plastic knife.

Ensure that there are pictures of the Cub Badges handy and let the Cubs choose one of the Badges they are to design their pancake into

Using the knife the Cubs cut out bits of the pancake they don't need to their pancake resembles the badge

Point out to the Cubs that when choosing the badge not to pick one that has too much detail on it and loads of fine cuts to make.

Alternately get the Cubs to design their own "Pancake Badge" or get them to do a self portrait of their face

Once finished let the Cubs eat their creations


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