Rocket Hand Ball

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Hand Ball With foam rocket (NON-CONTACT)


1x foam rocket, 2x Baskets Of same size


Split into 2 teams of Ideally 5 or 6 More players change the way the game is played so may make it more interesting
Basket placed on either end of hall to act as goal
Rocket is thrown into the middle of the court
Players have to throw the rocket in the other teams basket without the player holding the rocket taking a step so the rocket has to be passed among the team, the rest of the team can move about to get passed to
Is a non contact game so rocket can only be picked up by another team by interception or referee calling a turn over

Rules Summary
Player Holding Rocket cannot walk with the rocket
Non Contact Rocket can not be snatched from players hands
turnover can be issued by referee giving the rocket to the other team for breaking rules
sin bin can be issued by referee for receptively breaking rules or dangerous behaviour


  • fast pace
  • high energy
  • quick
  • team
  • team game

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