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To plan the activities of the troop


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These are very similar to Troop forums, but involve Patrol Leaders; sometimes Assistant Patrol Leaders, and the Adult Leadership team. If your Troop has young leaders, they should also be involved.

These are some examples of how Patrol Leader's Forums can be used:

To reinforce the leadership role of Patrol Leaders within the Troop.
To reinforce discussions, which have taken place during Troop Forums, and to report back to their patrols on any decisions made.
Programme planning.
Planning camps, including the venue and the activities.
These are some suggestions for running a Patrol Leader's forum (that can be run alongside Troop forums):
The structure should be flexible and informal discussions are often more suitable as long, formal meetings may discourage participation.
One Patrol Leader could act as the chair, while another takes notes on suggestions and what is agreed at the meeting.
The Patrol Leaders could be asked to vote from a list of options, for example suitable camp venues. This could be done using a show of hands, or standing at different sides of the room corresponding to the options.
The Patrol leaders could be asked to design a feedback form to fill in with their Patrols, covering past and future camps and activities.


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