Three Course Pancakes

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Patrol activity cooking a three course meal using pancakes as the base ingredient of each course


> Pancake batter (use any recipe)
> Other ingredients
> Suitable stove
> Frying pans / other needed pans
> Mixing bowls
> Utensils


The week previously, allow the Patrols time to plan a three course menu based around pancakes. Get them to divide up any extra ingredients needed between the patrol members to bring to the following meeting. The troop provides basic pancake ingredients and cooking equipment.

Patrols should make sure that they set up in an organised way, make sure all equipment is on their table and all the ingredients are ready. Make sure that everyone knows what to do, and make sure that everyone gets a shot at making a pancake. Afterwards make sure that everyone takes their share of clearing up, washing up and putting things away in the store.

*some instructions borrowed from activity 'Pancake Making for Pancake Night' as, to be honest they were exactly what we wanted to say!*


  • cooking
  • Cooking Competition
  • cooking on gas
  • flipping great!
  • menu
  • Pancake
  • Pancake Day
  • Pancake Tuesday

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