IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 02 GUIDING

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Find out what WAGGGS stands for, how many countries are members and colour the WAGGGS World Flag (What is WAGGGS- Exercises/Actions)


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This activity will help the Brownies learn what WAGGGS stands for and will help the Brownies to have a better understanding of WAGGGS. It requires memory and listening skills from the Brownies in order to be able to complete the game.


What is WAGGGS

W =right side of room
A =left side of room
G =jump up and down
S =middle of room
WAGGGS =stand still

Leader calls out a letter or the word WAGGGS. The Brownies must do the right action or run to the correct place in the room. Anyone doing it wrong or the Brownie who is last loses a life. Leader can also call out the word e.g. World as well as letters


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  • North East Regional Conference 2017
  • South West Regional Conference 2017
  • World, WAGGGS

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