A happy Ending

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Help Gilly celebrate who she is by showing her all the great things she can do with her body


Pictures of Gilly from previous activity, paper, dice, pencil and coloured pencils/pens.


In groups of four, choose one of the pictures of Gilly that the participants drew earlier, and stick it onto a larger piece of paper.
Ask each group to write a number next to the matching part of Gilly:

Participants take turns rolling the dice and come up with something great about the part of Gilly that matches the number on the dice.
Try to focus on what Gilly can do because of this part of her body.
If a number comes up more than once, just roll again. The first group to roll all six numbers wins.

1 ears 2 fur
3 nose 4 eyes
5 tail 6 paws


  • Free Being Me, Session 2 - A Happy Ending

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