Founder's Day Party Games

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Party games for Beavers Founder's Day birthday party


Corner pictures/labels (optional)
Large Dice


1. Baden Powell's footsteps (aka Grandma's footsteps but the person on wears appropriate hat)
2. Sleepy Beavers (aka Sleeping lions)
3. Corners :Necker, woggle, tent, Beaver (Beavers choose a 'corner'. Blindfolded Beaver chooses one corner -shouts it out- all in that corner are out. Remaining Beavers re arrange. Continue until one Beaver remains)
4. Dice Action game - choose 6 actions. Beavers do said action when dice thrown. Suggestions: 1. Scout salute 2. Scout handshake 3. Shout "Do your best". 4. Beaver 'thump' (Beaver crouches down and thumps hand on floor (Beavers tail) 5.Dam (Beavers link arms in a row) 6. Campfire circle (all beavers stand/sit in a circle as quick as possible)


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