Leap Year Game

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Beavers use drinking straws to collect "Frogs" from one "pond" and run with the frogs to another "pond" in a team relay.


A4 paper with frog shape printed on it (download from internet). Drinking straws. Sissors. Colouring Pens.


Get the Beavers to cut out the frog shapes and colour in. You will need at least one per Beaver. Place completed frogs in a bowl or “pond” (one bowl per lodge) and hand out the drinking straws.

Line up the Beavers in lodges and explain that they need get the frogs to their new “pond” at the other end of the hall. Pick up one frog by sucking on the drinking straw then run to the other end of the hall. If they drop the frog they have to start again. Once the frog is safely delivered to the other end of the hall they run back and the next Beaver starts, like a relay race. The winners are the first lodge to get all their frogs to the other "pond" at the end of the hall.

Enhance the game by adding a “road” for the frogs to cross using chairs “cars” to make the journey to the new pond more challenging.


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