Who is Jack Petchey? Who should we nominate for an award?

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Intro to Jack Petchey Award and then discussion of who in the troop should be nominated for a JP award.


Flipchart Paper
Projector, Screen, Laptop (for videos)


Who is Jack Petchey?

Questions to ask scouts after watching video:
Did people think he would be a success? no
What does Jack Petchey think you need for success? Determination & Hard Work
But what is more important than these? Self Belief
How much has been invested in young people by the Jack Petchey Foundation? £100m
Do you have to be superhuman to win a Jack Petchey awards? Think of the people in the video
Confidence, Never let anything get in the way, Never let your circumstances get in the way, Never let disadvantage get in your way, Never let other people get in the way, If you think you can..you can
What should you think when you look in the mirror - I am an achiever.
Inspire, Motivate, Achieve

What does the award mean?

“We do it because we want to help young people raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society.” Jack Petchey

How does the scheme work?
1. Participating groups regularly select a young person to receive an Achievement Award.

2. The nomination and selection processes are led by the young people within your organisation.

3. When a winner is selected they are publicly congratulated for their achievement and receive:
A framed certificate and badge
Membership of the JPF Achievers community
£250 to be spent on a something of their choice that will benefit your organisation (for example, a piece of equipment, a day out for the team, a specialist trainer to come in give a session).

4. Award winners are further recognised by attending one of our celebration events where they are congratulated on stage in front of friends and family.

Why should we nominate someone?
Who should we nominate?

Hand out flipchart paper to each patrol for recording their thoughts on who should be nominated and why.


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