Cyclist Badge (NZ Cubs)

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An evening to cover off the requirements of the NZ Cub Cyclist Badge. This badge is about Cubs learning how to cycle safely and obey the road rules.


bicycle, cycle helmet, inner tubes, puncture repair kits, basic tools,
NZ Road Code for Cyclists -
Open space for bike riding


Run a night at the den or at any place with open space that has space to set out a basic cycle course.
Cover off Cubs NZ Cyclist Badge Requirements:
- Talk about / Show the basic equipment a bike must have and why we wear helmets and how to put on a helmet correctly,
- Talk about / Demonstrate how to clean a bike and how to pump up a tyre,
- Explain the need for keeping the bicycle in road worthy condition - talk about / demonstrate a basic safety check,
- Show how to mend a puncture or replace an inner tube,
- Demonstrate how to get on and off a bicycle correctly,
- Setup a basic course around the den (or other suitable place that is away from the road) which the Cubs can ride and demonstrate basic hand signals,
- If a suitably quiet piece of road exists, have a short road to demonstrate what you have learnt (make sure you have plenty of parent/adult help and supervision).


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