Compass Point Floor Word Search

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Using a 5x5 grid on the floor with randomly placed letters of the alphanbet one team communicate to another the location of the letters of a 5 letter word.


paper & pen
communication device (voice / walkie talkie / mobile phone / morse code if you want to get more complex)


One team goes out the room with a page from the spots file and each member chooses a 5 letter word

The inside team place randomly the letters of the alphabet on the floor in a 5x5 grid with the START being bottom middle.

Then the team outside the room start calling out the letters eg, "P"
The team inside relay the directions to get to each letter eg "NORTH NORTH WEST" or to get more complex NW N

The team inside try and guess the word that the outside team have selected if they get it wrong the team outside call out another letter

For each DIFFERENT letter the outside team mark on their sheet they get 5 points
For Each correct guess from the inside team they get 20 points

Once all members have had a go you swap teams


  • activity
  • communication
  • compass bearings indoor
  • coodination
  • game
  • morse code
  • walkie talkie

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