Robin Hood

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A running game where the goal is to gather a specific number of objects before any of the other teams, by stealing from them.


4 hoops, chairs, or boxes.
6-8 objects (balls, spoons, bean bags, etc)


Divide the YP into 4 teams. Place 4 chairs/hoops/boxes in a square and sit each team in a line behind their chair (on the 'outside' of the square)
Place objects in the middle of the square.
The first team to get 3 of the item into their hoop wins. YP may take items from the middle, or from another team's chair.
Only 1 member of each team may be running at once, and they may only carry one item at a time.
Nobody else from the team is allowed within the square, and they cannot touch the hoop or stop other teams from taking items.

Variations to increase difficulty:
-Use smaller objects (e.g. marbles)
-Make the 'winning' requirement more difficult. e.g. use a selection of different coloured balls, and say that all 3 balls must be the same colour.


  • competition
  • relay
  • team game

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