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A sensory deprivation game focusing on touch, where the objective is to pass a message down a line.


Pen and paper.


Teams should be of 4-6 people. They should sit in a line all facing the same direction. Every member of the team except the person at the front and back should close their eyes. Nobody is allowed to talk.

The person at the back is shown a word on a piece of paper. They must draw each letter of the word on the back of the person in front of them, who will do the same. When it reaches the front person, they should write it down on the paper. At the end of the game, you should compare the words to see if they were transmitted accurately.

Variations to make it easier:
-Get them to send each letter at a time. The person at the front could indicate that they are done and ready for the next letter by reaching around and tapping the knee of the person behind.


  • Accuracy
  • senses game
  • team game

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